31 May 2017


好榮幸 <救世軍竹園綜合服務竹園青少年中心> 的PPC ‘家長朋輩輔導員’ 一班好動活潑嘅朋友到臨本中心體驗室內及水上划艇。雖然天氣好炎熱 但大家都好 enjoy呢項咁有益身心嘅水上活動,個個都話要推介比仔女同其他朋友!! 非常感謝你地,希望喺好快嘅將來你地帶埋d仔仔女女再黎 KTYRC 一齊划艇

May 31, 2017 and June 7
It is a honor that a group of lively friends of PPC 'Parents Counselor' from The Salvation Army Chuk Yuen Children's Youth Center experienced the indoor and water rowing in the our center. Although the weather was so hot, they all enjoyed these wholesome water activities. They said they would recommend to their children and their friends!! Thank you very much! We hope in the future, all of you come to try rowing with your sons and daughters.