Rowing Towards A Bright Future

共同成槳 划出未來

About us

Kai Tak Youth Rowing Community's Mission

The Kai Tak Youth Rowing Community is a community programme aiming to improve the social mobility of Kowloon’s underprivileged youth through sport and education. Targeting band 3 schools and youth programmes, our mission is to equip underprivileged children and young adults with the tools to increase their future chances in education and working life. School, family, friends, arts, music and sport are all factors that cumulatively determine an individual’s biography. Children from underprivileged backgrounds unfortunately often miss out on many of these formative life experiences and as a result can lack the confidence, inspiration or direction to set and achieve goals in their lives. We believe that rowing, a sport closely associated with higher education around the world, is uniquely capable of transforming young peoples’ lives through the skills and life lessons it teaches, and that rowing can contribute to whole-person development like very few other life experiences. KTYRC hopes to transform young lives by focussing on rowing's demonstrated positive impact on young peoples' school grades and future academic and business success. Our educational activities, tutoring and mentorship programmes, overseas exchange programmes and vocational training opportunities are designed to further help support Kowloon's underprivileged youth in their development. We hope to build and contribute to a strong and vibrant youth community in Kai Tak and help create lifelong friendships. 

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Our Activities And Programmes

20 May 2017

Inter-Secondary Schools Competition - BOCHK Indoor Rowing Cup

In March, after the Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championship, we took part in competition again. Although it is our first time in the indoor rowing school competition, the results were very well! There are three award-winning members, who are the 8th of women's group B 1000 meters, the 5th of women's group B 2000 meters and the 9th of men's group of 2000 meters.
More exciting news is that, most of the members have broken their best individual results! This means that our members improved a lot in a short period of time (2 months)!


Training And Event Schedule

Dec 2018